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Dunbarton - Randall

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Dunbarton is the central trading hub of Uladh, and as such, takes it's security very seriously. Dunbarton's main line of defense is it's large stone walls, and guards are posted on them constantly. There is a zero tolerance policy on most of Dunbarton's bylaws, and punishment/arrest is usually swift.

Guards: Quality (Quantity)
Melee archer Hybrids - Low to medium skills. (High)
Melee mage hybrids - Low to Medium (Medium)
Melee Specialist - Medium to high (Medium)
Archer specialist - Medium to high. (High)
Mage specialist - High (Low)
Mounted chivalry(includes archers and warriors) - Very High (Very Low)

Guard Line up:
-The main guard post is the walls; Guards constantly patrol the walls in small groups of two(Consisting of Archer specialists and Melee/Archer hybrids). Two groups to a side, and patrols switch every two hours.
-A handful of Melee/Mage and Melee specialist guards patrol inside the city.
-A small group of Archer specialists and Melee/Archer hybrids stand by the northern and southern gates constantly.
-The handful of mounted chivalry patrol outside the gates and around the city periodically.

Minor offenders are usually issued a warning first. Next time, they'll attempt to take you in.
Dunbarton guards are trained to work as a team - they rarely go investigate anywhere alone, and never without letting somebody else know where they're going. The guards are taught to put keeping civilians safe over taking in the offender(s). They usually try to take them out without causing much damage as quickly as possible. Outside the walls, Guards are ordered to use more "aggresive" methods.
Guards will not pursue suspects if they run too far out of the city.
Guards aim to immobilize, but if you cause enough trouble they will use lethal force.
When they arrest someone, they will cufff them, do a minor search, and take them to jail.

Dunbarton Main Stream NPCs:
You may not puppet mainstream NPCs. You may interact with them based on what they do(E.G. Buying a coin bag from Walter or getting Holy Water for doing Kristell's PTJ), but you may not control them and you may not pick their words for them.

Other NPCs: You may create your own NPCs for mini plots. Ex, someone bumping into you in the streets. Someone fighting, someone stole your purse or sword.
Exceptions are guards. If you are arrested, or you committed a crime, please post it up. If you are unsure if it's worth posting (like you stole an apple) let me know, and I will decide. If I am online, let me know if something is going on in Dunbarton.
However, you may not decide the reaction of a whole crowd or group of NPCs. The general populace as a whole is my area.

NPC Status: Dunbarton is a busy city. People continue to work and live normal, happy lives.

City Status: Going fine. Trade continues as normal.

Special Laws:
-No abusing farm animals.
-No weapons unsheathed. Offenders will be taken into custody.
-Dueling or fights of any kind are not permitted in town, and if offenders are caught they will be taken into custody immediately. If offenders resist, Guards are authorized to use lethal force. Zero tolerance.

Characters : "Gate", Richard, Olive, Chesed, Chrissana

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