Elsword Online!

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Elsword Online!

Post  Kayeori on Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:57 am

This may or may not be a new game to most but it is for me!  Elsword Online is F2P and a mix of MapleStory / Dragon Nest.  All the dungeons are instances like Dragon Nest but in between towns there are maps with mobs you can, and often must, fight.  Also like Dragon Nest there is a Stamina bar which indicates how many dungeons you can do and still earn XP.  Its quite a decent amount as you can make it through to about level 20ish.

For those who need the website.  The game is also available through Steam if you would rather go that route.

If you decide to play then look me up!  MagicPie and I have an Archer too but I forget her name.
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