FEC Guidelines

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FEC Guidelines

Post  Soifa on Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:55 pm

Fenrir Eir Clause, a plot that is so grand that it causes the continuity of the RP world to change.
These are major plots that have major effects on the world, and must be requested. To request one, send an outline of a plot to Council via PM.
If you need help writing an outline, feel free to ask.

I. Structure

The Plotmaster must discuss the plot of the story with Council members, regardless of their current involvement in the plot, to make certain that basic rules are not violated during it's process.(While the Clause is designed to give power to a Player Character in telling a story, it is still severely limited in function to avoid abuse.) Council is to work closely with the current holder of the FEC, bearing in mind that the story is that of their own design. The power of 'Fate*' or destiny in a plot can be controlled by the Plotmaster while moving forward, though it can be contested by Article Number II. of the Fenrir Eir Clause.

Player Characters participating in the plot may have their characters killed by their actions, in an accorded agreement with the Plotmaster and player, or otherwise rendering their character unusable until a special condition unique to the Plotmaster's plot is met. Player Characters participating must be aware of the danger to their characters that may be brought about by the Plotmaster's control of 'Fate' or accessories in their plot.

II. Actions of Player Characters and active Cities

'Fate' can be directly contested through the actions or placement of Player Characters. Their interactions can provide a catalyst for the illusion of realism in the sense of 'action' and 'reaction' logic. (Action: Wolfe's forces move to fortify Tara, making it much more difficult for Fenrir to advance and overtake the city. Mithos's support in sealing Milletians within soul stones vanishes as his colleagues have a change of heart turn on him.) City mobilization can affect plot as well, given realism is still accounted for. City Leaders however, will be the only ones responsible for executing movements such as these. If there is something in the plot that would give influence in certain actions among a CL's masses, the Plotmaster is required to discuss it with the CL's player prior to movements.

To the CLs: The job of cities first and foremost is to defend their peoples when moving forward, and their actions must reflect that.

(IE. Realistically Tir militia will not fight tooth and nail to the death to defend their town while massively outnumbered. No use of "Cannon Fodder" NPCs such as soldiers for the sake of doing so. Good just reason must be given by City Leader in order to do so. 'Tir is entirely surrounded and there is no escape. They have decided to fight and make a last stand, as the enemy will take no prisoners.') Major NPC characters are to be unharmed during plots, (Absolutely no exceptions. Even in the event of capture.)

III. Outcome of Plot

Plots must end with some semblance of normalcy returning to Erinn. No matter how dastardly or perfectly the plans of the Plotmaster are carried out, in the end the Plotmaster must be defeated in such a way that they will never again pose a threat to Player Characters, NPCs, or future plots. All accessories to the plot (e.g. Soul Stones, Twilight Shards) must be destroyed, rendered unusable in future plots, or otherwise become some form of accessory to harmless 'epilogue' plots, given sub plots do not conflict with the fact the main plot has ended and the danger has passed. (e.g. Fenrir being trapped as a Spirit Weapon in a sword can be seen as a form of epilogue or sub plot. Mithos' soul stones being hunted down, destroyed, and captured souls released to return to their owners/pass on peacefully to Soul Stream.) Normalcy can be considered a great number of different things, but for the sake of simplicity, normalcy will be considered the removal of the Plotmaster's immediate threat.

IV. Plot Progression

All plots involving the FEC must remain active from beginning to end. Barring critical accidents, life-threatening situations, and/or death, the Plotmaster is responsible for seeing the plot through from start to finish in timely fashion. This requires the Plotmaster being able to perform at least two related FEC roleplays a week (length of these sessions does not matter), and maintain updated posts on their plot's related forum threads each week. This is to ensure that players involved are not left behind or stuck in chronological stasis with the rest of roleplay in the guild while the world continues to turn around them. It's not polite to keep masses hanging off the edge of a cliff, you know?

Events may be scheduled. These events must be worked out with players to find a suitable timeframe to be held in. If the players are then unable to attend for whatever reason, the Plotmaster has the right to react accordingly with the plot to the absence in order to continue progression. If the Plotmaster him/herself is unable to attend, the event must be rescheduled; or canceled and worked around.

If there is some reason why the Plotmaster is unable to maintain this attendance, the council is authorized to step in if necessary to move things along. It is the council's obligation to do what they can to get permission granted in this; but should there be a legitimate reason as to why it cannot be given (e.g Plotmaster is removed from/ragequits on guild) the council is given the right to take full control of the plot to see to its quickest end.

V. Humane Rights of the Plotmaster

Creating a plot of this scale is a taxing thing, and overeager players can somehow add to stress when wanting to push things along. However, RPS is a rolePLAY guild with a VIDEO GAME medium, and has no right to force itself to be a priority to anything mandatory in life (e.g. jobs, eating, sleeping, breathing, etc.). To ensure Plotmasters retain a respectful right to their sanity and nerves, the following needs to be recognized by Plotmaster, guild officers, and all players involved in the plot:

- Players are not to hound the Plotmaster about the plot's progression every moment they are spotted (you know, like how reporters and paparazzi hound celebrities). Instead, there is to be a sub-thread somewhere on the forum where everyone can post thoughts, questions, or other subjects pertaining to the plot for the Plotmaster's review and answers at his earliest convenience (this, however, needs to be done within a reasonable timeframe related to Article IV.)

- The Plotmaster is not required to answer every question among players (in prevention of spoilers and meta-gaming among them. Do NOT say it's never happened and never will.) but must at least state a reason as to why so they do not feel shunted or ignored.

- If something is noted by council as an issue that needs discussing, council has the right to speak privately on the matter at earliest convenience. Council is NOT to hound the Plotmaster about it, and Plotmaster IS required to answer as soon as possible. The Plotmaster may not continued until the council has approved of the response.

- Even if a council member has a character deeply involved with the plot, the Plotmaster must answer any questions they have. However, the council member may not use the information for any IC purposes, as that would be meta-gaming.

- Plotmaster is still a guild member and is to conduct themselves in the manner of a guild member - as stated in the rules. Every guild member is to respect them, and vice versa. If the Plotmaster feels this is not being done, he is to speak with council about it immediately.

* "Fate" refers to the overall progress of the plot, as decided by the Plotmaster. (e.g. Dunbarton was prepared and well defended in the initial siege by Fenrir, but their morale plummeted and gave way to immediate surrender when it was discovered his soldiers were their abducted children.)

VI. Starting A Plot
If interested in starting a guild-wide plot, contact council about it to discuss details. Simply forward a PM to all of them and you'll be contacted about it ASAP. This is only for plots that would be continuity-changing for the entire guild. Personal plot-lines for use among groups of characters need not apply.

In the event there is already a major guild plot being run, and another player wishes to start theirs, they must discuss this with the current  Plotmaster and guild officers involved after applying. While having two or more major simultaneous threats is fine and dandy, it is something that still needs to be efficiently manageable. If this is impossible, players wishing to begin other major plots aside from the one currently in play must wait until the current plot is concluded.

  1. It is the responsibility of the FEC requester, aka the plot master, to inform the proper CLs of his actions and the events of his plot that will take place within their jurisdiction.
  2. As a FEC approval is tacit approval from the council to run a plot, the CLs should work beside the plot master to actualize what the plot master desires from his plot. This should take into account weaknesses and strengths already determined by the FEC request, and can be clarified by council if needed.
  3. Note: This does not grant CLs the right to mitigate and micromanage the FEC user and his plot, but states that the CLs should be accommodating to what the plot master wants.
  4. Note 2: This does not grant the plot-master the right to destroy all of Erinn with the swipe of his hand because he thinks "It's be so kewl." A plot master should act within reason, meaning for dramatic purposes and to make the plot worth the time spent working on it.
  5. Should there be a disagreement, a die roll may be used to decide between reasonable option for plot advancement. The dice roll is final and is to be made by a neutral member of the EC. These rolls are non-negotiable, unless the 'winner' opts to make concessions.
  6. If the dispute continues, the matter will be taken to council, and may result in an end of the plot, a loss of current positions (both the PM and the EC are at risk of this), possible re-mentoring, etc.


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