Threat in Renes Quest!

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Threat in Renes Quest!

Post  Hellums on Sat May 11, 2013 9:05 am

I've been sitting on this quest for a VERY long time... and now that I've finished all my Generation quests, and I legit don't have any other quests to do.. (except skills quests) It's time to get it done.

I would really like to bring a full party... of very powerful people xD
And if this goes over well, we can actually get this quest done for anyone else who hasn't finished as well, mayhaps?

Anyways, as far as availability goes, I'm pretty much free every single day after 4pm... earlier on weekends, and I can stay up to like 1am or so. (all times are EST, so uh... yeah convert n stuff)

So yeah... Threat in Renes, Full Party (hopefully), errbody who hasn't finished it can join in for a shot at it too. Sound good? Good.

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