Cobh - King Jeremiah

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Cobh - King Jeremiah

Post  Xeek on Mon May 06, 2013 2:43 pm

Port Cobh is a town which sits east of Dunbarton. It started as a small city but after increase in trade using sea route, it grew into a large port city. It is famous for variety of fish and its lighthouse. It is also known for its bar. This town is also where Giants and Elves live together without much conflict.

Since King took over the place has been very calm, he tolerates very little drama but doesn't run a very strict show.

Melee specialist - High skill (high quantity)
Archer specialist - High (high)
Melee Archer - medium (low)
Mages - medium (medium)
others(puppeteer, alchemist, mounted cavalry) - medium (low)

Line up: Being a neutral city for the war between Giants and Elves, the guards are a mixture of both. Elves and Giants are blended together to compliment their weaknesses.

Most of the guards are stationed by the docks, ships, trading areas. Very few are parked by the entrance to Dunbarton to protect any caravan. Overall, the town is very relax as if they do not expect much war.
There is often a few guards on the light house, and guards watching those from the city(to avoid assassin's creed)

Arresting: Being the only city who actively trains over seas, Cobhs is a very busy city. The guards are instructed to deal with the problem at the moment instead of arresting people, although, that doesn't stop them from fining.
If the problem persist or they feel it won't stop, they will arrest.
Arrest tactic: Melee fighters will form a blockade(usually giants with windguard) while the archers will attempt to disarm(trap shoot mainly).

They are instructed not to chase, only to form blockades, specially on areas where there is civilians. They use tactics such as signal fires and alarms to alert the city.

Do not use Mainstream NPCs.
Make your own NPC that could be murdered, loved, kidnapped, or anything you want.
Guards and 'officials' are the only NPCs that will not use favoritism, if you need a corrupt guard let me know.
You may only have up to 5 NPCs at once. (10 total for the whole RP)

City and NPC Status:
Busy, will probably be cranky if you interrupt their work for no good reason.
The city is in good conditions at the moment.

Special Laws:
-No racial wars.
-No drawn weapons.
-No magic except the basics (healing, firebolt, icebolt, and lightning bolt)
-"A civilian hero is that who calls the police"


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