Warframe - Ninjas in Space

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Warframe - Ninjas in Space

Post  Temo on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:06 pm

Free on Steam, in Open Beta, and pretty amazing from what I've seen so far. Warframe is a sci-fi, co-op hack/slash-shooter that puts you into the role of one of several soldiers in specialized combat armor and places you in a series of infiltration missions from raids, assassinations, and rescues. Friends that've been into it have described it to me as "Ninjas in Space". After playing it, I think they're right. xD;

Gameplay is pretty much like Vindictus - charge through levels, fulfill the objectives, try not to die, level-up for more skills, pick up rare items and other skills by defeating enemies on maps, etc. Game's surprisingly light on the computer too. Hardly took me that long to download, and save for a few overview glitches (Beta, what can you do? Least it just takes a reboot to fix. ), it's all been an enjoyable experience.

If you join, feel free to add my accounts - usernames are Taemo and MochaCino. And that's all for now, buhbye.


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