Seeking Volunteers ~Erinn Cross~

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Seeking Volunteers ~Erinn Cross~

Post  Congregate on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:51 pm

A post was tacked on the bulletin boards in Emain Macha by Chesed herself, and in Tir, Dunbarton, Tara, Taill, Port Cobh, Belvast, and Port Qilla via courier;

~*The Erinn Cross*~
Is seeking Volunteers

The Erinn Cross is searching for Volunteers to work to better the standard of living for everyone in Erinn. Once accepted, projects may range from repairing landmarks to emergency rescue.
Workers will receive food and boarding for their services.

If interested, please send an owl to Chesed Bromsky with the following layout;

Age(And if Milletian):
Additional Notes:

Please note all applicants are subject to a rigorous background check, and may be declined because of these results. Race is unimportant, as is gender.

Please be aware, all projects are voluntary and can be left at any time. All workers are expected to be dutiful even if they do not get paid. Workers are expected to have compassion and respect for everyone.

Characters : "Gate", Richard, Olive, Chesed, Chrissana

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