Lord Missions for Demonic Weapons

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Lord Missions for Demonic Weapons

Post  Soifa on Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:15 pm

Just a list of people I can call upon for Lord missions, and the name of the demon weapon they want. We help each other.

Must have a master talent. Prefer people that are really good at fighting and listening.

Naturally, people that spam more missions with less complaining and such will be higher priority for crafting their weapon. At least to me they will.

1. Soifa, Demon Staff. Has r1 weaving, working for master Tailor to weave demon scales.
2. Glacia, Demon Bow. Working towards master smith and r1 smith to craft ingots and weapons.

And so on.

If people are willing to help get the passes, that'd be lovely.

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