Eerie apparition and a note from the dead.

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Eerie apparition and a note from the dead.

Post  Danichuu on Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:33 pm

As the wind blows in a chilly Dunbarton night, a figure seems to walk-- no, float-- towards the bulletin board. Were anybody spiritual or superstitious around to take a look at the otherworldly form, they'd find the form of a female in a tattered blue dress; long, dusty rose hair flowing behind her with each "step", and seemingly empty yet regretful dull blue eyes. Were it not for the fact that she seemed to lack legs, the bleeding wound in her forehead, and the pale ghost-white skin, one would think she were part of the living.

She cannot find what she's looking for. She cannot find who she's looking for. Not yet, at least.

If there was someone skeptical around, they may see a sheet of paper floating up to the board, and perhaps find themselves confused at the sight of a few words-- small and neat, but faint-- appearing on the paper as if being written.

She cannot think too well. Her time in death was enough to help her calm down, to ponder her faults in life. But in that time, her spirit had lost an ability to communicate well enough. She struggles for words.

At some point, she stops and places a hand on her forehead. The wound still hurts. Then resumes writing.

Finally, the ghostly female leaves the note on the board. The writing already seems slightly faded, and there's a handprint on the paper.

For now, Eliane takes to wandering around Uladh in search of the people she knew. Just to say one final goodbye, a chance she lacked from her untimely death. She only has a day, though, to tie loose ends so she can rest in peace... But that should be just enough time, right?

(( Anyone's free to take part in this, really. .w. As I do not have the funds to re-create Eliane's in-game appearance and the character I currently have is Lorelei (Elianeli is the IGN), the wearing of the white and blue bolero jumper skirt will signify it is her. White and blue bolero jumper skirt = Ghost Eli. Thanks .w. Please let me know if this post was bad or whatever! ))
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