Pokemon Battle Simulators, Competitive Battling.

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Pokemon Battle Simulators, Competitive Battling.

Post  Glaceon on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:45 pm

NO, this is not just another pokemon thread. This is it's own thread because rather than casual pokemon talk, this is about COMPETITIVE BATTLING.

Anyways, two Pokemon Battle Simulators. Pokemon Online, and Smogon's Pokemon Showdown.

With both, you can create your own team yourself, customizing all the pokemon from nicknames to EVs and IVs. (Nature, Ability, Shiny, Nickname, EVs, IVs, Moveset, Gender, Held Item, even Form). Each one also offers a Challenge Cup form of battling, where the simulator chooses for you.

PO has it's own tiers separate from Pokemon Showdown. However, PO has a wider selection of tiers as well. You can also make previous generation teams. I personally prefer this over PS due to having used it more, it's less laggy (For reasons I will get to in a bit), and has Metronome Tier, which is ALWAYS fun.

PS, Pokemon Showdown, goes by Smogon's Tiers. It has a better form of Challenge Cup that isn't batcrap random, and also has a Tier that uses the Smogon community's CAP Pokemon, or their community created pokemon. (Mollusk is a freaking Snail with a Lava Lamp for a shell.)

PO is an actual client game whereas PS is a Browser based simulator. PO actual has no move effects, while PS has simplified versions. You won't see your actual game animations in either, but the point of the simulators is for the competitive battles. Since PS is web based, it tends to lag a bit more for me as opposed to being a separate client.

Pokemon Showdown: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/lobby
Pokemon Online: http://pokemon-online.eu/
Smogon's Site: www.smogon.com

PO's tiers are in the PO site base. Smogon's tiers are in their site. Smogon goes with PS, so keep your tiers in the right spots. Smogon also has strategy and concepts for pokemon if you are looking for ideas. Anyways, if you have any questions or want ideas on teams, or want to play around in the Metronome tier, feel free to ask here or PM/IM me. (Metronome tier is only Metronome as your move, and the only allowed item is Leppa Berry.) (Also, my info is in that one thread I posted when I left the guild in Mabi. I'm lazy, so you can find it.)

PO Name: Evie
PS Name: Evie
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