Cyler's AUness

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Cyler's AUness

Post  Cyler on Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:38 pm

Mabinogi AU RP
Player name: Minnie Scarlet
Players Bio: Minnie Scarlet, age 16. A not so popular teen without friends. She seemed to dislike her actual life even though she was doing so good in it. Straight A's, scholarships, she was just unsatisfied. She was an High School student with the best graduation Exam scores in the entire county. She was awarded five thousand dollars. She had no idea what to do with it. A car? No, she didn't have much a social life and she lived in walking distance to everything. She was in fact a hardcore gamer. She was sitting at home, alone. Watching some Invader Zim and then a Nexon Commercial came on. Talking about the game, the website it can be downloaded from and where the headsets could be bought. It peeked her interest, the next day she went out and got the headset. She read the instructions before playing it though. She soon created her own account and logged in. She made her a human. since that is all that was out at the time.She loved the game. It was a one of a kind. The only game that can actually escape reality. No third persons or anything. It was real! She was overjoyed. Months went by, her playing this game. She was slowly becoming better and better. But she was then hacked. Losing all her posessions but the ones that stayed equipped. She was devastated. She quit for a long time after the loss, kinda scared to be robbed again. After more months passed, she ended up rejoining. Using her old dusty headgear, laid in bed, curious on how this will go. She relogged after changing her password and email. She seems to be doing better again, yet her trust is very limited.
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