Bios from Another Universe

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Bios from Another Universe

Post  Mithos on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:33 pm

Traditionnal RPG

Mithos is a native from Cor. Being from a new generation, he grew around the newly arrived races even though he still followed the traditions. Often did he went outside the village to hunt, but spent most of his free time with a kid from a rich family, the Bell. The village elders never liked to see the two hanging out together. They knew deep inside that one day, the young Stephen Bell would betray Mithos... But who were they to mess with two children having fun?

The two quickly became closer than brothers. Stephen would show Mithos manners and courtesy while Mithos showed the other how to shoot a bow and hunt game. The young Bell's parents eventually became worried that their son was acting like those... "savages" and left Cor. The elders told Mithos that Stephen left him because he was sick of him. He used him enough to know all he wanted to, and that their "friendship" never was. Those rich newly arrived races would never treat them as equals, even after they stole their lands. His young mind corrupted by the Elder's venom and still flabberghasted by Stephen's quick departure, he decided to spend the rest of his life looking for Stephen... looking for answers...

It has been twelve years. Mithos is now 21.

Answer me, Goddess... Where is our Paradise...?

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