To the Corenites (in relation to My Dear Erinn plot)

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To the Corenites (in relation to My Dear Erinn plot)

Post  Dellinger on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:19 am

All current members of the Corenites, and those who have recently associated with them (specifically Dalvar and Fioria) receive this letter:

My friends,

While the individual that led the Requiem during this scare has been identified, remain vigilant. Others from the Requiem we once knew that were recently involved with this man, and were inclined to betray him, may do so once again by attempting to recognize the goal they thought he was after. We cannot ignore this danger, my friends. Keep an eye to the woods, to the mountains, to the dungeons, and to the other countries. Stay aware, and Erinn may be kept safe. For all intents and purposes, we shall remain mobilized for a little while longer.

But that is not the only reason I write each and every one of you, my friends.

I have met with the one named Temo Eir, or Fenrir Eir as some of you may know already. While the methods he used to unite Erinn, in a sense, were despicable, and while this recent scare is nothing to ignore, we must remain true to our purpose: Equality for all, and a chance at redemption for those who desire it. He wants his people, his Requiem, to walk once again on the streets of Uladh without harassment and fear. Who is a regime to balk at the chance at reconciliation between two peoples, especially so long after a war that many seem to have forgotten, and no one dared publish a book about?

We shall certainly see, won't we? The enemy is not always the one standing in front of you, my Corenites. Keep an eye on the handling of this matter by the Aliech Regime. We may find corruption soon enough, where we would have least desired it to be.

We shall watch Erinn for any threat of corruption,
The Dunewyrm of the Corenites

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