The Void, the journal.

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The Void, the journal.

Post  Xeek on Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:32 pm

-First Day-
A bright flash of light soared through the sky, eventually crashing into the ground. In the crater, there was a small boy, his hair was pitch black like his eyes.
I approached the crater. "Ah... you arrived... I am just in time then.. stay here." I said and walked away, searching for something..for anything.
The black haired boy stayed motionless in the crater, surrounded by a vast post-apocalyptic desert, the sun stayed fixed in one spot.
-Year 500-
The boy's hair is slowly turning red, his eyes slowly flashing blue, his hands twitching around in the sand. The desert still the same, the sun has not moved, what was this strange world, unaffected by time.
-Year 800-
The boy's hair is now fully red, his eyes glowing bright blue. He stood slowly, but he didn't seen to be alive, he just stood, his hands flailing more.
-Year 900-
He is running now, there doesn't seem to be much though in his head. I watch him.. and watch him, all he seems to do is run and punch things.
He encountered an undead mammoth, though.. it was alive... It's skin was basically gone, he didn't have any blood, yet the beast stood. It's been about 900 years according to the others... my brother finally seems to be coming to.
"Where am I?" he said one time, I thought it was too me.. but he just ran. He seems very primitive, like how he defeated the mammoth. He wrestled it down, roaring and grunting at it to try and communicate.
It's weird... he seems to be focus on training.. "My brother..." I said softly. I though he had heard me, because he turned. We haven't aged a year... nobody has.. nothing has. Death did not exist in this world.. things just live.. but don't die.. no hunger.. no time. The curse is almost over.
-Year 1000-
I wondered how inaccurate the others were.. as the portal open, but the strangest thing.. it brought in time... as we headed for the exit, the sun moved.. only slightly, but we could tell by the shadows... then it moved quickly.. it seemed like it was spinning around the earth very quickly.. we were in fact spinning around it... then suddenly... time caught up with us... I remember looking at the older survivors as they turned to dust.. but for some reason.. I.. Knarex.. and my other half... Xeek, did not. Age seemed to do nothing to us.. the 1000 years just phased us.. we looked 18.. I went to grab him and head for the portal... but that world could not take much more...I don't remember anything else.

((This was written in an unread journal. I felt it should be put somewhere xD. I will write Xeek and Knarex's experience some other year.))

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