Qilla and Zardine Union - Natalie

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Qilla and Zardine Union - Natalie

Post  Glaceon on Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:07 pm

Qilla is a peaceful base camp set up on Port Qilla. One can get there via the Mana Tunnel or the Ships at Port Cobh. As such, it is a vast trading area as well as a general stopping point for travelers interested in exploration. All races are welcome to Qilla, including the most recent race to be discovered, Bloops. Despite being a vast trading area, most of it's shipments are sent to Cobh to be sold in the trading market.

Zardine is a volcanic region north of Physis. The volcanic soil makes the soil rich in nutrients, however not many crops are grown due to the numerous beasts running around, or flying around. The Calida Camp is mainly visited by Giants and Giant-allied humans, due to how close to Vales it is. Calida Lake is a nice tourist spot, but Zardine's biggest attraction is the Sulfur pits. Mining in them is at your own risk, as the sulfur golems do inhabit them.

Both places are generally peaceful, however law enforcement is still strict.

Guards: This is the average power level of Calida's guards/watchmen and their quantity (Qilla/Zardine)
Melee Specialists - High/High(High/Medium)
Archer(Human) Specialists Medium/High(Medium/High)
Mage Specialists - Midhigh/High(Medium/Highest)
Melee-Range Hybrid - High/High(Medium/Low)
Alchemists - High/High(Low/Medium)

Guard Line up: Where are the guards
-Melee Guards and Hybrids generally patrol the areas overall. Guard forces are never seen less than 3 in both areas.
-Archer, Mages, and Alchemists fly the skies to make sure air traffic is in check, usually in pairs. Sky Pirates are not tolerated and will be shot down.
-Mages can usually be seen in pairs around the mana tunnels. Notification is made if a fugitive escapes through the tunnel.

Arresting: How guards will proceed to arrest someone.
The guards are generally friendly and usually start off with a warning (for small offenses of course). If the minor offense is repeated, action will be taken and the offender will be captured. For major offenses, they will immediately attempt to arrest the culprit. The guards will be hostile in these situations and will attack if necessary.

Calida Main Stream NPCs:
-All of the mainstream NPCs will be active and will remain as the game developers created them. Each mainstream NPC has one or two 'apprentices' learning the craft, if you not wish to NPC the main NPC. However, no favoritsm when playing them, as they are studious and wishing to become just as great as their mentor.

City Status: Bloops are welcome in Qilla. Everything is safe, but all shipments are being searched carefully. In Zardine, everything is fine. Several tents are set up around the camps to treat travelers and for those seeking shelter overnight. Contact the healer to rent a tent.

Special Laws:
-Don't hold air battles unless you have a cerfication to.
-Dueling in the camps is prohibited
-Don't try to smuggle goods on the ship, they WILL be found. (If needed for a "plot" purpose, contact me)
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