Aion is going FTP

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Aion is going FTP

Post  Xenny on Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:38 pm

So look at this:

Aion is going free to play. It already has a fairly strong RP community that's made up of some of the game's top ranked players. I personally already have an account on the game, and I'll be taking a whack at it once it goes Free to Play. Basically, this game is pure unadulterated love as far as I'm concerned. It's graphics are amazing and off the chart, it's story and lore is so rich you could stick a spoon in it and eat it, and it's combat system is fairly interesting with the addition of in flight combat. Or, just like in Mabi, you can choose to ignore combat and go make goodies to sell and get rich off of. It's an amazing game and even if you aren't sure about playing, you should try it just to have the experience of some of the industries best graphics. It's fairly similar to Mabi in the sense that the characters are recognized as immortals within the lore, so the RP wouldn't be too much of a jump from Mabi where death is seen as an incontinence to most. The emotes are free as well, and they have plenty of clothing. Another cool thing is that all clothing can be worn by both genders, meaning no getting separate sets for characters of different genders or hunting endlessly for an exclusively female outfit. I recommend giving this game a try. I will be returning to it for a little while since I just love this game to bits and pieces.

They also have an active RP Community website where players are encouraged to post up their profiles and such. It has guides to the lore and a wiki inside of it as well. It isn't a guild site, it's an organized community of RPers.
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