The Torch Has Been Passed...(temporarily!) (SHORT, YUP. SHORT)

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The Torch Has Been Passed...(temporarily!) (SHORT, YUP. SHORT)

Post  Vayne on Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:09 am

A large sign is posted...all over, everywhere it's permitted. It's contents is simple, and the handwriting is Vayne's. "JUSTICE. Send owl to JUSTICE. JUSTICE will help." He hoped that someone out there would get the obvious, obvious, obvious, OH SO OBVIOUS message.

Flay helped a bit, too, in his own way. Unintentional way. Advertising. All over were fliers, giving instructions to send owls to JUSTICE! ALso, they had a heroic painting of him. JUSTICE! Shall always prevail. In the lower left corner, was a small caption, 'if JUSTICE is unavailable, please contact Link and have mail forwarded to JUSTICE! I'm sure he won't mind.'

((It's simply a statement of...'Anything you want help with, send to Flay; not me. If I was involved, forward everything to Flay. He's my stand-in. >_>))

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