Missing Person Bulletin: Bartholomew

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Missing Person Bulletin: Bartholomew

Post  Adir on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:56 am

Posted all across Emain Macha, Dunbarton, and Taillteann was a rather large and detailed drawning accompany by excellent penmanship on a wanted poster. This was not the type of poster for slaughtering a person/animal that was so commonly seen around towns, but an attempt to locate someone who seemingly vanished into thin air.

Name: Bartholomew
Race: Incubus
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'2
Last Seen: Emain Macha
Date Last Seen: Alban Eiler ((Monday, July 11th, 2011))

Miscellaneous Notes: Mr. Bartholomew was last seen wearing a purple Tioz Armor set customized for his wings. Is known to wear various shades of purple if he has changed out of his armor.

Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this missing person should contact Kaynevin or Elnora via owl mail. Information given that leads to finding him alive will receive 100k per month until found. (( Reward is ICly, not OOCly!))
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