Emain Macha-Yiana

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Emain Macha-Yiana

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[[-Copies everyone's model, templates are good!- ]]

Emain Macha is, in short, pretty huge. It's well known for it's famous pub and amazing resturaunt, and music(and being named after an angry goddess, but they prefer to be known for GOOD things). Bards tend to come to the city often to make use of the stage, or just to practice around the peaceful city. Most of the city's trade is composed of food, as they grow only the best in the fields, and take only the best from the other cities. Recent events, such as Wolfe's apparent angering of Irinid, plagues, and some delinquent causing fires, has put the city on edge as of late.

Guards: This is the average power level of the Emain Macha guards and their quantity
Melee archer Hybrids - Medium skills (Fair)
Melee mage hybrids - Low (Low)
Melee Specialist - High (High)
Archer specialist - Medium (High)
Mage specialist - Medium (Low)
Alchemist Specialist - Medium (Medium. They hired more)
Mounted cavalry(includes archers and fighters) - Very High (very low, unless pursuing someone. Usually reserved to high ranks.)

Guard Line up:
Where are the guards
-Two Melee Specialist guards are at each gate, shifts change every two hours IG, but there is never a time that the gate is left unguarded.
-Around the city, Melee Spec. and Archer Spec. patrol the streets regularly, a few of the other types mixed in as well. There are a few more concentrated around the castle, but no part of the city is left ungaurded.(Though behind the church seems to be forgotten sometimes...)
-In buildings/around buildings, around the middle of the day, a lot of guards of all types can be found having a lunch break in the Pub or at the resturaunt, though the city still has guards around it. A few archers hang around the Cathedral and Healer's House.
-Mounted Cavalry are normally patrolling the immediate outside of the city, keeping watch over the fields and such to make sure there is no trouble. A higher concentration of them are near the Castle, and currently, there are double the patrols around the city at night.
-Guards outside the city: A few archers(2 or 3) in the company of a melee specialist will patrol around the entire map area of Emain and Sen Mag, though the amount of these are significantly low.

Arresting: How guards will proceed to arrest someone.
Guards usually offer to take them in friendly on minor offensives.
Emain Macha guards are NEVER alone when arresting someone, they ALWAYS have another guard or two..or five with them(or more, depending on the threat level).
The guards always put citizen safety over capture in terms of priority, but if no citizens are around to be in danger, they WILL use lethal force if you resist too much.
If the target flees too far, the guards will cease pursuit, but will have the offender put as 'Wanted' for a minimum of three RL days, and send a warning to nearby cities so they know to be on watch.
They don't care to find out if you're milletian or not, if you're being placed under arrest and show too much resistance, they WILL use lethal force.
When they arrest someone, they will cuff them, do a minor search, take them to jail, where they will be provided with simple clothing, all their belongings will be locked away to be returned upon release.
In jail, you'll be placed with people who have committed a similar crime than you. And depending on your offense, you will be cavity searched.(If you are female, you'll be searched by a female) In Jail, you'll get your three meals. Depending on your offense, or known powers you may be more restricted than others. In Jail, at all times, they'll keep the prisoners with -stat cuffs.

Emain Macha Main Stream NPCs: You CAN NPC an Emain NPC if you don't do it stupidly. No allowing Aodhan to let you out of jail, or marrying an NPC, or something that DOES NOT FIT THAT NPC. In the case of the bunny girls in Bean Rua, you can NPC them with whatever personality you wish, as long as they act reasonable.(They are not going to offer you a 'happy ending', or murder someone, or anything like that. They are sexy waitresses, nothing more.) You may not kill any NPCs.

If you feel you cannot NPC the NPCs in a responsible manner, then there are 'secondary' ones around, like an assistant in the Healer House, a random priest at the church, etc. You can make, name, and NPC these as you want. You can also kill them, though..you'll probably be arrested as soon as you do. Murder of a made up person is still murder. <3
Note: You may not have more than 5 NPCs at a time.

Other NPCs: You may create your own NPCs for mini plots. Ex, someone bumping into you in the streets. Someone fighting, someone stole your purse or sword.
Note(again >_> ): You may not have more than 5 NPCs at a time.
Exceptions are guards. Which I am trusting you to use legitly. If you are arrested, or you committed a crime, please post it up. If you are unsure if it's worth posting (like you stole an apple) let me know, and I will decide. If I am online, let me know something is going in Emain.

NPC Status:

Still on edge, just less so than before. No more random questioning unless you are acting suspicious.

City Status:
No parties providing food or drink allowed.
There are a lot of guards in the pub, which has been re-opened. Outside food or drink not allowed.
There is a large sign outside the healer house that says in all capital letters "NO WEAPONRY OR OFFENSIVE MAGIC TO BE CAST INSIDE."

Special Laws:
-No sparring in town, use the Training Area if you want to spar.
-No weaponry is to be drawn in the Pub, Cathedral, Healer's House, or Resturaunt. There is also to be no casting of magic in the Cathedral or Healer's House.

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Re: Emain Macha-Yiana

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So everyone stops asking me or wondering, here is how the Emain Jail looks.

Please note: There are more cells than this. About ten 'blocks', each block looking like this.

Between each cell is a stone wall(grey lines), the only bars are tiny windows and the ones facing the hallway. The guards are the tiny red dots. The guards will not all be conveniently asleep or gone if you want to escape. They will not all accept bribes or anything like that. They will not kill you or torture you.

The other dot is me. Ignore me.


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