Attention anyone in this thread.

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Attention anyone in this thread.

Post  Xeek on Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:48 pm

Alright, this thread is just for the city leaders. Here is where we will put stuff about our respected cities. NPCs status, city status, description of the city. And such. With this said, only city leaders can post here. If you have any comments PM them.

the format is simple.

Title it <City name> - <City leader name> .
This is so we know who is running the city, if your leader dies, and you still own the city, you make a new post with a new city leader name.
Other than that, write anything you'd like about your city. What is allowed and what isn't. (Remember, some laws are permenant though the whole kingdom, with the exception of Vales, Filia, and Cor since they are their king. Ariech has permanent laws, like no murdefying people.) You can how ever, set the drinking age. Decide if horses are allowed. Restrict weapons to certain places. Ex. No weapons in the library. Here, you can also put who is a guard in your city (PC-wise) And if you allow guards in other cities be guards in your cities.

This is the only thread people can spam. The actual city threads should have no post other than the respective owner.

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