Dungeon for.....Animals?

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Dungeon for.....Animals?

Post  Glaceon on Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:42 am

Glacia approached the board, her cat Sia on her shoulder, carrying a dungeon pass in her mouth. They were talking in a language people didn't seem to understand, but they understood each other. Afterall, it was Cat-tongue.

"It's odd...the pass wouldn't let me in while in human form. but my kitten form worked just fine." Glacia told her cat. Sia simply replied, "The strange cat in Duncan's house back in Tir gave me this pass, it seems it's only for animals. I guess your kitten form is considered animal, while this form isn't. Well hopefully we can get others to come along." "Right..but keep in mind it's for pets only, so it would be the pets coming along...though Soifa and Roze could probably get in while they were shifted as well. I'll post the bulletin, and we'll try our luck."

With this, Glacia began posting a bulletin. "We can only hope, Glace," Sia said.

Hey everyone, Glacia and Sia here, with interesting news. Apparently there is a dungeon that is only for animals. You know, the pets we all seem to have. Well humans can't enter. I'm not sure what rewards are on the other end, but my friend Sia wants to organize a run between our pets and animal friends to go on an adventure. If you are interested, please respond to either myself or Sia. Sia can't respond with words, so I will need to write for her, but she can read and understand English perfectly. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to let our pets get some time to themselves, and make friends with each other. They may be animals, but they are living creature just like us.

Posted at the bottom were two cat paw prints, one belonging to each of the two cats. They simply looked at each other and smiled.

"So what about you, aren't you going to go on some runs?" Sia curiously asked.

"I would, but as you know, I have to watch after Silver and the Tigers. I might give it a try when Jack and Hon are off vacation. It looks like fun." Glacia answered. She wanted to go herself, but she had more important things to do. She would let Sia have her fun. She deserved it.

((Post here if you'd like to go on a dungeon run for the event. Hopefully we can get a nice IC run for fun, with our pets. P.S. Remember to post here for good times, since I'm not able to read in your guild chats.....>>; ))
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