Impatience, the plague upon my mind.

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Impatience, the plague upon my mind.

Post  Kalamiko on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:33 pm

Shainy was quite angry. Oh yes. QUITE angry. He's angry not only of being ignored, but shunned and not paid ANY attention. So he resolved to get himself noticed. to BE noticed. Yes. He WOULD be noticed. Most certainly.

Dear voices of the dearly departed -
I'm sorry, but our lives have parted.
I hear your screams - They are so lovely~
I hear your cries - I am so lonely.
Hear my warning - You IGNORANT PESTS
Or else your bodies, with me will rest.

This note was delivered to the Rath Royal Guard by Owl, along with a severed hand that has peculiar, perfect nails.
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