Three missing children.

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Three missing children.

Post  Xeek on Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:55 pm

The moms were frantic, where could they have gone? Three kids, completely unrelated, friends at best just gone.
Witnesses said they saw them walk out of Dunbarton around the time a song was played, they couldn't identify the song. It seemed to be a millitean tune with a catchy beat. The guards had no idea what happened, until one millitean reported a very dangerous new skill. Enthralling performance, it said that this skill can control the mind of animals and young. Could it have been a kidnapping? Or were the three kids looking for an adventure?

Sketching were posted of the three kids. Two girls one boy.

Tammy, age 7 blond hair, blue eyes.
Jake, age 10, black hair, black eyes.
Liza, age 11, brunet, black eyes.

Posters were put everywhere as the frantic parents offered high rewards. Any news were to be reported to the guards.

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